The REAP System

Recipe-based Ecosystem for Agricultural Processes
Agrolytics’ primary product offering is the REAP system which brings world class industry standard process control technology to indoor farming providing the ability to manage any size grow operation with it’s capability to handle thousands of control and measurement points. As the science and processes of indoor farming continues to evolve, there is a need for more precise control and precise measurement as well as the ability for these various devices to interact with each other and notify staff of changes real time as they are detected.
Integrated control across various environmental systems to maintain growth consistency
Control facility systems with machine precision that is not possible through manual operations
Ability to monitor a facility 24x7 from anywhere in the world
Expand the size of a facilities without taking on additional work force costs
Collect data that can be analyzed for preventative maintenance of equipment
Collect environmental data for improving the grow process to maintain crop consistency or improve crop traits

A Deeper Look

REAP’s open architecture can work in a variety of scenarios from a simple greenhouse with minimal requirements to a highly regulated growing environment where air, soil, water, light, temperature are all closely monitored and systems are adjusted to keep the environment within the grower’s desired specifications. Agrolytics is continually working with vendors that provide lighting, irrigation, HVAC, etc. to provide a wide range of options that a grower can specify in their facility to be fully integrated. The REAP system can interface with hundreds of devices from a wide range of vendors and can be expanded from the initial design at any time without having to replace devices to accommodate the upgrade. The REAP system can be designed into an existing facility to interface with existing equipment or in a new facility that is being designed. Another advantage of Agrolytics REAP is that data can be collected from a wide variety of sensors on a continuous basis and used for decision making during the process. For example, a soil sensor could automatically activate irrigation or an HVAC system automatically or alert staff to take action when a specific condition is detected. This data can also be used in advanced data analysis and machine learning to improve growing recipes to either bring out or remove certain plant traits over generations.
Agrolytics’ REAP systems have an easy to use PC based user interface to make changes as well as monitor the process and respond to system alarms. The grower also had the option to install touch panels in rooms to see local conditions or access through a tablet or mobile phone for off-site monitoring of systems. Agrolytics provides engineering services with the system to help customers customize the system to meet their individual needs which results in them getting just what they need and avoiding paying for features they don’t want. We will provide the engineering and installation of control systems as well as ongoing service contracts for maintenance and subsequent sales when customers want to expand their operation.

Future Capabilities

REAP Machine Vision
This technology will collect additional data through image analysis of the plant growth and structure as well as identifying issues with plants that may need to be remediated
REAP Machine Learning
This will provide a set of cloud computing based tools to gain insights from data collected from the customers systems to help achieve desired crop traits.
REAP Collaborative Robotics
This technology will help automate repetitive tasks related to growing operations such as tray preparation and harvesting.